Mark Ashton
Mark Ashton

Mark Ashton
Mark Ashton



   / El Periodico (Barcelone, Spain 2005)."


   / Riviera Times (August 2009), 


    / Brian Sewell N°1 art critic, London (2007) ​

"Mesmerizing, Hypnotic" 

   /Beverly Kaye, art dealer, curator,

    CT New York 2012

Collectors :

Julian Lennon, Alan Callan (x-exec Led Zeppelin's Swan Song),

Nicola Bowen (PR), 

Steve & Yvone Moore, 

Llopart Cava.

Mark Vey paints trees.
Trees are the living memory of his childhood in Scotland.


​Vey calls his style "Musicalism". He plays on the canvas like a musician

which makes the trees dance in the colors of his music and surrealist style.  

"My musical success is the past, but the music is still alive in my paintings. 

2007 he met with acclaimed London art critic Brian Sewell who discribed

Mark’s works as Supreme colors.

Grew up in the Scottish countryside of Sterlingshire.

At a very young age, he shows a talent for drawing and music.

His passion for music soon predominated and he played in a band which

opened for acts such as The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and The Yardbirds,

at this time he began writing music.

Vey moved to London.

By his musical name of Mark Ashton, he joined a band called Rare Bird and

their first single "Sympathy" became an international hit record.

He later moved to New York and Los Angeles to pursue a solo recording career,

and Vey rediscovered his love of painting. It was the perfect complement;

exposing while composing. Recording up to 7 LP's, Mark travelled around

the world and lived in many places that inspired his creations.

Vey exhibited in New York, London, Barcelona, St. Tropez, Aix-An Provence,

Nice, Hambourg etc. His paintings are on permanent display in various galleries

around the world.

After 3 years painting in Spain, he now lives and paints in Nice Côte d’Azur France.

Guitar Rock
Guitar Rock
Rare Bird (Mark : second left)
Rare Bird (Mark : second left)
Charisma Records
Charisma Records
Modern Pilgrims 1988
Modern Pilgrims 1988

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My art is devoted to capturing nature through my imagination.